“I can honestly say Xiao has a strong passion for his work and for the livelihood of the individuals who he is helping. He is committed in providing the necessary tools needed to anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd and take their career opportunities to the next level.”

“I contacted Xiao just to see how he was doing and to express my concerns for more exposure to different opportunities. Xiao immediately took personal interest in what I was saying, assured me of my potential, and offered to help me “stand out” to get to where I need to be in my professional career. Xiao asked a wide range of questions ranging from scholarships, technical skills/qualifications to my current responsibilities and he redesigned a resume that uniquely displayed all my accomplishments and skill sets. Xiao also provided me with the necessary advice and tips during an interview that will make the interviewer see why I potentially could be a good fit and add-value to their company.”

“Xiao is an excellent resume builder and an exceptional coach when it comes to interviewing techniques and tips. He knows what the recruiters and employers are looking for and he can help you to differentiate yourself from the other applicants. This is more than a business to Xiao; he takes interest in your personal growth and he is there to help you along the way.”

Kirkon Gooden

Experienced Auditor , Florida Atlantic University MAcc ‘11

“I am close to graduating from grad school in a couple months, and I knew I needed to find an outside opinion on my resume. When I graduated with my undergrad degree I used the same template from the career center that most graduates use. This did not help me stand out to hiring managers, and I was not successful in looking for a career. I did not want to make the same mistake so I looked for assistance from Xiao who is highly recommended.

After meeting with Xiao he pointed out many skills I had that were not on my resume and he also got rid of a lot of the noise on my resume. After my consultation for my resume he pointed out a lot of things I was missing on my resume and amplified my skill sets. Though he was working with many other clients he promised to get my new resume back to me in about a week, but he sent me the new resume within three days and was already sending me jobs to apply for. After meeting with Xiao for only one time I already had a new mindset about how I would approach interviews because he will prepare you for almost any scenario of the process. Investing in yourself while working with Xiao is invaluable and the return from the investment will be something I will use for the rest of my career.”

Jean Carlos Santiago

University of South Florida MBA ‘15

“I am glad to have chosen Xiao to help me with my career development. Before I hired him we had a 45 minute phone conversation about my resume and post-graduation experience. During that time he gave me several thoughtful advices. One discussion point that really got me thinking was about how my resume was perceived through the eyes of the employers and recruiters.

I hired him a few weeks later to develop a professional resume, and the finished product was outstanding. He sat down with me for two hours on a Saturday morning to talk about my experiences and interests, and by midnight I had a revamped resume in my inbox. It was a visually pleasing resume that highlighted my accomplishments that I had previously left out when writing my own resume. A week later Xiao had already reached out to people in his network on my behalf. Xiao genuinely cares about his craft and his clients, and it shows with every interaction.”

Matthew Bhim

Finance, University of South Florida ‘15

“Knowing that the process of the job search has changed substantially since I last looked for a new position, I decided to engage Xiao’s services. I got so much more from the experience than I expected. Not only did he help me revamp my resume, but his insights into my skill set and my passions helped me change the focus of my search. He is dedicated, intuitive and enthusiastic and he uses his extensive network of contacts as a resource for his clients. I cannot recommend his services enough.”

Tara Crabtree

Tax Manager



Above are some testimonials from other satisfied clients. Let us help you achieve your career goals. Contact us today for a free consultation.